All Cabling Needs

All Cabling Needs

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Telecommunication and networking systems require cabling specific to its purpose. Cabling is integral to the success of the system. At Centex Telecom, we have the capabilities to meet all your cabling needs with Cat 5e, Cat 6, coax RG6/11/45, HDMI, paging speakers, and fiber optics. Our installation experts will place the appropriate cable for our clients’ network and multi-line phone systems. This will allow the network and phone system to operate efficiently and effectively in meeting the client’s needs.

Category 5E (Cat 5E) cabling is the industry standard for wiring home and office networks for the Internet. Cat 5E transmission speeds are up to 350 megahertz (MHz). This is a more cost effective alternative to the Cat 6 cabling and will suffice for most business needs especially when non-gigabyte products exist on the network.

Category 6 (Cat 6) cabling allows for speeds up to 650 MHz because it is certified at gigabytes speeds and terminates using 8P8C connectors. This allows for data transfer of up to 10 gigabytes/second. This is generally used in an all gigabyte system or when compliance mandates only gigabyte-certified hardware.

Fiber Optics offers the fastest speed of any current technology. It has multiple speeds and can span the long distances between local phone systems as well as providing the backbone for many network systems.