Our Services

We install, move, recycle and repair all items related to Voice and Data .

Centex Telecom is up for any challenge that you may run into. We are a preferred reseller of ESI business phone systems and equipment. We also work with Nortel/Norstar, Lucent/Avaya Partner, Voip, Siemens/ROLM and other systems depending on what is needed.


Centex Telecom can install your existing business phone system, a new ESI business phone system or a New Cell Booster. We are happy to inspect and test your existing cabling or run new cabling if the job requires it. At Centex Telecom, we have the capabilities to meet all your cabling needs with Cat 5e, Cat 6, coax RG6/11/45, HDMI, paging speakers, and fiber optics. 


Is your business moving in a new direction? Don’t lose or leave important Components at your previous location. Centex Telecom can identify and move your phone system, data equipment and phones to your new location while recycling the obsolete equipment. We will make sure that your equipment is installed professionally and working to your specifications. We know how chaotic a move can be, here is a list of important things to remember…

  • CALL YOU CARRIER( carriers can take up to 45 days to schedule the move of you services)
  • CALL YOUR I.T. PEOPLE AND CENTEX TELECOM( coordinating who will move what equipment is important)
  • MAKE SURE YOUR NEW AREA IS CABLED( moving furniture to have cabling installed later takes longer and cost more)
  • IDENTIFY A LOCATION FOR VOICE AND DATA EQUIPMENT(dedicated power and installation back board is recommended)
  • DETERMINE THE BEST TIME TO MOVE SERVICE( afternoon moves can result in overtime if issues arise)



Here at Centex Telecom we understand the value of a dollar! Many repairs could be done at a fraction of the cost of new cabling or equipment. In most cases we can simply repair or replace the damaged components instead of replacing the entire system or running new cable, saving YOU our customer money. We also offer equipment to protect your system such as Battery Backup Systems and Surge Protectors giving you valuable time to shutdown or call utility companies if the power goes out. We are always looking for ways to save our customers time and money.

Whatever your telecommunication needs may be, Centex Telecom is your answer.
Contact us today for more information about installation , moves, recycling and repairs.